Family Violence Prevention Services, Inc.
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The mission of Family Violence Prevention Services is to break the cycle of violence and to strengthen families by providing the necessary tools for self-sufficiency through the delivery of emergency shelter, transitional housing, education, effective parenting and early intervention with youth and the elderly. FVPS has served victims of domestic violence since 1977, providing adults and children with the tools they need to recover from the trauma of abuse, regain their dignity and move forward in a strong and independent way.

SA2020 Impact

Family Violence Prevention Services envisions a San Antonio that is safe and healthy for children and families, free from violence. FVPS directly supports the SA2020 Family Well Being Vision & Goals of Domestic Violence Reduction, Child Abuse/Maltreatment Reduction; Reduction of Homelessness/Improvement of Stability of Residence; and Reduction of Rate of Families Living in Poverty. We do this by providing a safe refuge for victims of domestic violence at the Battered Women & Children’s Shelter and through a range of programs including comprehensive counseling for adults and children at all area homeless shelters; non-residential individual and group counseling; legal services; substance abuse and dating violence intervention and prevention for high school youth; parenting education; and a State-certified Batterer’s Intervention Program. Volunteers are a vital part of our agency, helping to provide care and compassion to victims of domestic violence and raise awareness of the need for greater community involvement.


Phone: 210-930-3669




7911 Broadway

San Antonio, TX 78209

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