The Public Theater of San Antonio
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The Public Theater of San Antonio produces professional live theater that inspires, educates, and connects communities. Its Vision is ‘Theater for All’.

SA2020 Impact

The Public is demonstrating a leadership role in the performing arts community to sustain a Regional AEA Small Professional Theater (SPT) in San Antonio, bringing a new amenity to the city that will assist in increasing the vibrancy of the theater arts community, create an industry for local professional performers, and contribute to the long-term economic development of San Antonio. The Public Theater of San Antonio has an economic impact on San Antonio’s creative industry and local economy through the creating and sustaining jobs and employment opportunities, local spending by the organization and theater patrons, and generating additional local and state government revenues. The Public’s transition to a SPT truly has a transformational impact on the arts and culture in San Antonio. A vibrant theater community impacts individuals through education and inspiration that enhances their personal growth, educational and professional developmental skills, social engagement, community involvement, and civic engagement.


800 W Ashby Pl

San Antonio, TX 78212

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