Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance
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The Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance (GEAA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes effective broad-based advocacy for protection and preservation of the Edwards Aquifer, its springs, watersheds, and the Texas Hill Country that sustains it.

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Incorporated in 2005, the Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance (GEAA) coordinates and promotes effective broad-based advocacy for aquifer protection throughout the twenty-one county Edwards Aquifer region. The Edwards Aquifer is the source of the largest springs in Texas and the sole source of drinking water for more than 1.7 million Texans. Our overall goals are to preserve the Edwards and Trinity aquifers, springs, streams and rivers, contributing watersheds, flora and fauna, and the history and culture of the Texas Hill Country. GEAA has successfully developed and implemented a model of working with our 52 member organizations - researching issues, sharing technical expertise, and developing policy positions to advocate a regional vision and regional solutions to threats to our water resources.


1809 Blanco Rd

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