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NARAL Pro-Choice Texas Foundation’s mission is to use education, training, organizing and public policy to support and protect all Texans’ freedom to make personal reproductive health decisions and to guarantee access to the full range of options, including timely and affordable access to abortion.

SA2020 Impact

NARAL Pro-Choice Texas Foundation (NPCTF) works to expand and protect abortion access at the state and local level through education, training, organizing, and public policy. NPCTF provides educational, advocacy, and civic engagement opportunities that help advance abortion access. Their Next Generation fellowship is a leadership development program dedicated to building up and providing opportunities to the next generation of leaders in the abortion rights movement. Their Let's Talk About Abortion (LTAA) trainings provide people with the tools to have conversations about abortion in their own community and to navigate the harder questions and conversations without causing additional stigma. NPCTF's research and exposure of crisis pregnancy centers or fake clinics is instrumental to ensuring that Texans have access to medically accurate, stigma free information about abortion care. NPCTF also provides legislative and local policy advocacy opportunities in order to protect and expand access to abortion care for Texans.


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