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Brighton’s mission is to provide family and community education and developmental services to children with disabilities or delays empowering them to achieve their individual potential making them successful in every community.

SA2020 Impact

Through early intervention and family support services, Brighton Center helps ensure that children with disabilities and developmental delays reach their full potential. The Brighton Center’s nationally accredited program for children advances the development of every child in a supportive, safe, and nurturing environment that promotes learning through social interaction. In 2017, of the 3,875 children and families served by Brighton Center’s programs, 98% of 1,897 children participating in the Early Childhood Intervention program improved their development within 6 months of enrollment. Of the 198 children enrolled in the Early Childhood Education program, 100% of the children that graduate the program will have developed the skills necessary for success in kindergarten. The Brighton Center additionally provides an array of educational sessions that teach parents how to navigate the educational system to ensure their child’s needs are being met. Ninety-five percent of families who receive one-on-one advocacy services through Special Education Support Services indicated that more resources and services were secured, and 90% of parents indicated that services improved their ability to support their child.


14207 Higgins Rd.

San Antonio, TX 78217

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