Boysville, Inc.
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Provide a safe, family environment for children in need so they may become responsible adults.

SA2020 Impact

Boysville helps children and families break the intergenerational cycle of abuse and lead healthy lives. Boysville begins this work by fulfilling the basic necessities required for children to be safe, including food, shelter, clothing, and medical services. Children can then fully participate in and benefit from therapy, academic assistance, and recreational activities designed to support their recovery from the long-term effects of trauma. Four core programs make up Boysville’s work and support a continuum of care for children. Emergency Shelters provide relief for children who need immediate removal from their situations. The On-Campus Family Care Program provides long-term care for children in a family-like setting. The Community-Based Foster Care Program offers children a temporary home while they are waiting to find permanency through reunification or adoption. The Supervised Independent Living Program provides critical assistance and support for children who are aging out of care and actively pursuing employment or education. In 2017, Boysville cared for over 330 children, from newborns to age 23. As a result of their programming, the children increased emotional well-being, academic performance, integration into community, strength of family relationships, social skills, high school graduation rate, and independent living skills.


P.O. Box 369

San Antonio, TX 78109

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