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Alamo Colleges

Empowering our diverse communities for success.

SA2020 Connection

The work of the Alamo Colleges aligns with SA2020's indicators of increasing post-secondary attainment rates, certificates, and growing key industries & occupations in the SA metro area. Additionally, education & economic competitiveness, and data collection around targets in both areas, are part of the Alamo Colleges' planning process, and align to the strategic targets of SA2020 as follows: 1.) Achieve 50% of all adults holding a post-secondary degree in SA, 2.) Grow jobs in targeted sectors by 10% by 2020, 3.) Increase per capita income, 4.) Increase professional certificates, and 5.) Increase % of STEM graduates/% of STEM jobs in SA.

201 W. Sheridan , Building A
San Antonio, TX 78204

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