Parent/Child Incorporated of San Antonio & Bexar County
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The mission of Parent/Child Incorporated is to provide high-quality early childhood developmental and educational services in order to empower our children and their families to become responsible citizens who value education and community.

SA2020 Impact

The work we do at Parent/Child Incorporated (PCI) of San Antonio and Bexar County not only cultivate abilities, but sparks interest and passion in learning early. In line with the vision of SA2020 regarding high quality education for all children, when PCI children start kindergarten, they aren’t one step behind, they are prepared, ready, and starting on the right path. Maintenance of high-quality in the classrooms, utilizing research-based curriculum into all PCI Head Start and Early Head Start classrooms, and utilizing data in making decisions relative to the children, the programs and services provided, keeps the children and families we serve on the road to success. Parent/Child Incorporated (PCI) of San Antonio and Bexar County


Phone: 210-226-6232, Ext: 210-475-5006




1223 Brady Boulevard

San Antonio, TX 78207

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